The LiFT study has 3 goals:

  1. To explore the correlation between fat in the liver (specifically NASH) and lower testosterone
  2. To evaluate the ability of testosterone to lower liver fat
  3. To evaluate the ability of testosterone to improve liver health

Learn more about NASH and lower testosterone below.

What is NASH?

NASH is a stage of liver disease that causes inflammation and fat build-up in the liver. You may not notice symptoms with NASH, but it can lead to permanent liver scarring (cirrhosis). NASH can be more common in people with certain medical conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, or lower testosterone (hypogonadism).

Stages of Liver Disease

What is lower testosterone?

Lower testosterone, or hypogonadism, happens when the body does not produce normal levels of the testosterone hormone. Men with lower testosterone are at high risk for NASH. The study drug not only provides testosterone, but it may also help with NASH and fat in the liver.

Not Sure if you have lower testosterone or NASH?

Many people with lower testosterone or NASH may not know.  At Manassas Clinical Research Center offer free heath screenings to determine if you have NASH, lower testosterone, in addition to screening you for Diabetes, and many other health conditions that you may have and not know.

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